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Abschlusspräsentation 3. Semester UXD
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Final Presentation of 3rd Semester Project

It was an exciting Semester for 55 UXD students. In a final presentation they had the chance to show our guests from industry what they have learned.
Their task was to Design a Test Driving App for cars.
Overall goal was to learn how to approach and execute a small but comprehensive app project.
By the end of this semester each student  has a presentable work done, showing all important parts of a UXD process. Including sketches, paperprototyping, wireframing, usability and interfacedesign.
We will continue with this project in the following semester including animations, prototyping and usability testing.

Special thanks goes to James Jaurez from the National University of San Diego. He was our guest in the beginning of the project and gave the students valuable feedback to their concepts (paperprototyping and wireframing). Thanks James, we had a wonderful time!


Impressions of the 3rd Semester Project: