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Student Challenge in Automotive Haptics (Deadline May 14, 2018)

Hyundai Motors and AsiaHaptics 2018 are pleased to announce the 1st Student Challenge in  Automotive Haptics. In this challenge, we invite teams of undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world to propose and create innovative haptics solutions for the next generation vehicles. We particularly seek high-quality automotive haptics solutions (hardware and software) that can be applied to vehicles and vehicular technology including but not limited to in-car entertainment, driving technology, smart cars, vehicle sensors, and autonomous driving. Please note that there are no restrictions on proposal topics as long as they can be applied to vehicles (mid-air haptics, touchscreen haptics, fingertip haptics, etc). However, the proposal should contain solid and concrete ideas and the participants must demonstrate their skill set for actual implementation of their prototype. A total of five to ten teams will be selected for the second round based on the quality and feasibility of their proposals. All selected teams will receive the initial grant to cover material expenses for building the prototype of what they proposed. They will compete for $5,000 in cash prizes in AsiaHaptics 2018.

How to Participate?

A team must complete both a proposal (download) and a participation agreement (download) and submit them by May 14, 2018 (11:59PM UTC) to here. Only PDF files of both proposal and participation agreement are allowed for the submission. No late submission is accepted. The proposal should be completed in English only.

A team must be formed between 2 and 5 student members, and one advisor must be included in the team.

For further details see

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Gläserne Zukunftsvisionen – A Day made of Glass

In dem Werbevideo „A Day Made of Glass“ zeigt der Glashersteller Corning, seine Vision einer nahen Zukunft, in der Glasdisplays einen wichtigen Raum in der Interaktion zwischen Mensch und Umwelt einnehmen.

Eine Zukunft, die von ultradünnen Touchscreens und klugen Flächen dominiert wird. Eine Welt in der wir überall von Glas umgeben sind. Die Geräte können miteinander kommunizieren und die Displays erscheinen nur, wenn man mit Ihnen interagiert.

Ob sich diese Zukunft bewahrheiten wird ist unklar, doch der Gedanke daran lässt der Fantasie freien Lauf.